Participating on Project Teams will help you develop a set of skills that will benefit you long after you leave the Engineering Quad. While participating on a student project team requires commitment, what you will gain is immeasurable. You will have opportunities to:

• Reinforce classroom instruction by applying theory to current engineering problems
• Hone your ability to lead, give public presentations, and work as a member of a team
• Work with, and learn from, a remarkable group of peers
• Deepen your analytical and problem-solving skills
• Help others by using your engineering expertise for public good
• Develop social connections and network with faculty and industry representatives
• Gain a sense of accomplishment and self confidence
• Learn to overcome failure and find pathways to success
• And, perhaps most importantly, have fun while working on projects that you are passionate about and that bring engineering to life for you

To join Project Teams attend the Fall ProjectFest, individual team’s informational session, or reach out to the current leadership as each one has different needs and process to become a member.


Each Spring semester the next Academic Year Portfolio is selected. Current students can pitch to become part of Project Teams by submitting a New Project Team Proposal Form and existing Project Teams are required to submit a Renewal Request for consideration.
Each Fall semester, all Teams selected for the Academic Year Portfolio, must participate in the Funding and Registration process. More information on Funding and Registration can be found here.


Consider supporting these endeavors with you time, expertise, in-kind gifts and funding. You can tour the ELL, host networking events, and develop the next generation.

Thank you to our sponsors!

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