Cornell Design Build Fly (DBF) is an engineering project team in which students develop, build and test a custom radio-controlled airplane design to compete in the AIAA Design Build Fly Competition. AIAA DBF is an annual international competition attracting over 80 undergraduate teams. Students utilize the design process, from conceptual design to fabrication, in order to best meet the requirements listed by competition officials. The DBF competition is unique in that the rules and requirements change drastically from year to year, thereby challenging participants to start fresh and come up with innovative designs every year.

2016- 8th place overall

Faculty Advisors:
Andy Ruina, MAE

Student Leaders
Eric Fiegel,
Martin Herrera,

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The Cornell Rocketry Team is an engineering project team dedicated to the design and building of high powered rockets. Each year, the team participates in the NASA Student Launch competition, which typically involves launching a high-powered rocket with a science payload to a certain altitude. The requirements for rockets and payloads change each year, which requires the team to be quite adaptable. As a result, the team focuses on building an extensive skill set in design, analysis, manufacturing, and testing of designs. The team continually grants motivated students the opportunity to work with others who share the same interests and gain hands-on experience with technical equipment involving 3D printing, molding carbon fibers, machining, and laser cutting.
Aside from preparing for the Student Launch, the team also places an emphasis on giving back to the community through STEM-related outreach events, volunteer opportunities, and service projects around Ithaca. Past outreach events have included family nights at the Ithaca Sciencenter and STEM tutoring in Ithaca.
Although CRT remains one of the youngest project teams, the passion and drive its members have for aerospace engineering and rocketry have led to its rising popularity on campus. The current team is composed of roughly 35 undergraduate students from across multiple schools and majors at Cornell University. The team is organized into many different subteams which change each year to best fit that year’s NASA Student Launch competition. As a whole, the subteams work together to grow in their shared interests and to develop better engineering, communication, leadership, and teamwork skills.

Faculty Advisors:
Daniel Selva, MAE

Student Leader
Rebecca Jiang,
Danny Kumpf,

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Cornell ChemE Car strives to teach newer members and learn as a team to be as successful as possible at the Regionals and Nationals competitions. We will never stop trying to improve our car, research better methods and beat the records we have set at competition. Our team wants to place first at nationals and regionals this year. In addition, we would love to continue helping enrich the community through outreach events like EYES, bring your child to work day, and Project Team Leadership roundtable discussion. We are also looking into the possiblity of hosting a regionals competition on campus and maybe even developing a more challenging ChemE Car competition.

6th: 2009

1st: 2008, 2010, 2012,2015

Faculty Advisors:
Roseanna Zia, CBE

Student Leader
Senior Captain – Charles Wan,
Junior Captain – Jessie Reeves,
Business Officer – Ryan Wu,

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CUAir, Cornell University Unmanned Air Systems, is an interdisciplinary project team working to design, build, and test an autonomous unmanned aircraft system capable of autonomous reconnaissance missions. This includes tasks such as autonomous take-off and landing, waypoint navigation, automatic in-flight obstacle avoidance, target detection, classification and localization, and payload delivery. The team combines aspects of computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and business and provides students with the opportunity to learn about unmanned air systems in a hands-on setting. Some of the team’s research topics include airframe design and manufacture, propulsion systems, wireless communication, image processing, target recognition, and autopilot control systems.
CUAir competes in the annual Student Unmanned Air Systems (SUAS) Competition sponsored by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) at the PAX River Naval Base in Maryland.

Faculty Advisors:
Thomas Avedisian, MAE
Rachit Agarwal, CIS
Bruce Land, ECE

Student Leader
Brendan Quinn,

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